Over the course of one half day workshop, Prista and Ascend Marketing collaborated in Luma Institute structured discovery sessions to uncover insights to guide Prista.


We held three workshops over one half day with the following attendees:  

  • Don Jarrell, Prista
  • BillieAnne Schoppman, Prista
  • Tina Schweiger, Ascend
  • Tracy Gray, Ascend
  • Jacquelyn Chastain, Ascend

On May 6, 2015 we completed the following workshops at Ascend's Austin office:

  • Persona Profile
  • Creative Matrix
  • Importance/Difficulty Matrix


Workshop image gallery

Below are some images from the workshop, click on an image to see a larger view.

Persona Profiles

hosptial risk mgmt image young.jpg

Nancy / Female / Early 30's / CNO or DNO, Director of Nursing

  • Clinical expert at bedside
  • Mentor, educator
  • Busy day solving problems
  • All about the patient not about the money
  • Constantly striving to be recognized
  • "House mom", line manager

Mindset Quote: "People are dying and you want reports?"


  • To become a better leader, leadership training
  • Masters of nursing
  • People, tools, structure from above 
  • To keep things orderly, manage employees
  • Have fun, need levity 
  • To understand having a safe, quality environment will solve a lot of their problems


  • Keep patients from dying
  • Keep the status quo
  • Keep people happy
ceo 1 image - Copy.jpg

David Conejo / Male / 66 / CEO

  • In management for a long time
  • An investor, buys hospitals
  • Very strategically minded
  • Quality driven
  • Behind the times with metrics, benchmarks, performance management 

Mindset Quote: "I'm stressed out. Bombarded from mangy changing dynamic areas. Government mandates have nothing to do with what I'm trying to do. It's BS! I have to turn the ship 90 degrees every day."


  • Peace
  • Turn the corner on financial distress
  • Cognitive aids to help with being overwhelmed
  • Achieve through leadership around positions, culture, health
  • Respect (doctors are ahead)
  • Process, simplicity, clarity
  • Need education in performance management
  • Need to collaborate with physicians 
  • Need to manage physicians 


  • Balance business and health demands
  • Balance business operations with healing art
  • Get on common ground with physicians
  • Make the hospital profitable
  • Accountable to 30 government agencies
  • Need to digest data quickly and gain insight
hospital risk manager older image.png

Audrey / Female / Early 40's / CQO, Chief Quality Officer 

  • Meetings, people oriented
  • Clinical expert, rose up from clinical and moved into the quality department
  • Focused on improvement
  • Computer literate
  • Doesn't really have a handle on helpful information
  • Stuck in the office

Mindset Quote: "Whew. I feel bombarded and very overwhelmed. I just got things settled and then the rules changed again. I have to hit the hot spot of the day."


  • Need to spend a lot of time thinking about government regulations
  • Need to meet the demands of feds
  • State or federal surveys come in, they are the point person
  • Time, structure
  • To filter our minor things that they need to do


  • Manually preparing reports for federal surveys that come in
  • Communicate with all levels of committees
  • Be respected
  • Getting into the c-suite or recognized on par with the
  • Who's performing? They facilitate performance action plans, "pay for performance"
  • Keep scores up to keep reimbursements coming in
  • Quality throughout the whole hospital 
cno image - Copy.jpg

Tracy / Female / Early 50's / Risk Manager

  • Research oriented, books, network computers
  • Level 7.5
  • High level computer users, expects system she uses to work
  • Family oriented, travel
  • Internet for work for everything
  • Competitive, wants to move up. Need to be valued.

Mindset Quote: "How do I improve things? How can I find a risk problem that needs to be fixed? How do I handle all of the data? How do I fix the processes? I want to be proactive."


  • To feel like she's moving ahead
  • To feel valued
  • A lot of training
  • The workflow, in ActionCue training


  • Reduce negative outcomes
  • Reduce probability of things happening
  • Claims management
  • Reduce corporate risks 



Creative matrix


Importance/difficulty matrix


Super Important, Not Difficult

  • Linkedin advertising, discussions, groups
  • Lead gen campaign
  • What's the buzz about big data and your hospital? Link to talk by Don
  • SEO/Google ads on sites relevant to customers and products
  • "Be the hero", proactive landing page campaign with email blast to risk managers, sign up for educational webinar
  • Blogs on news commentary, strategy, product
  • Demos to potential clients weekly
  • Email campaigns focus on leadership / management/ how to engage employees
  • Signed up for newsletter to find out more
  • Regulatory update email blast, are you ready for xyz regulation? Link to blog
  • Organic leads via search, having relevant content, search tactics
  • Twitter bombs
  • Webinar sign-up landing pages

Important, Somewhat Difficult

  • Support team contact 
  • Community networking amongst users, users can learn best practices
  • Regular monthly "Cue me in", product information webinars
  • Risk manager happy hour, tour Texas medical hubs & host a get together. Draw = something fun
  • Post cards
  • Video training education
  • Executive/advisor networking
  • Mixer / happy hour / win a trip somewhere
  • ACI Training Sessions / Conference
  • President to CEO, regular updates
  • Lower staff member referrals via social media, word of mouth
  • Publish best practices, case studios, or actual ROI from use of product
  • Article comments
  • Potential clients product videos
  • Channel communications, state assessments 
  • White papers published for distribution
  • Training videos for users at all levels
  • Section on the website for training seminars, webinars, podcasts

Somewhat Important, Difficult

  • PR campaign for breaking news
  • Speaking engagements at industry forums
  • Conference speaking / exhibiting/ receptions
  • Trade show round table, thought leadership
  • Think tank / key people 

Not Important, Super Difficult

  • Sponsor NPR
  • American Airlines print ad