Over the course of one half day workshop, Praxent and Ascend Marketing collaborated in Luma Institute structured discovery sessions to uncover insights to guide the Praxent [ project here ].

Using the navigation structure below, recaps and documentation of each workshop has been outlined. 


We held three workshops over one half day with the following attendees:  

  • Tim [?], Praxent
  • Tina Schweiger, Ascend

On [date], we completed the following workshops at Praxent:

  • Bull's-Eye Diagramming
  • Abstraction Laddering
  • Statement Starter


Workshop image gallery



Abstraction Laddering


New Statement: When we collaborate deeply with you,

Why? There are chasms between experts.

New Statement: You are not the expert, neither are we. But together, we can realize the potential.

Why? You are not the expert. Behavior trumps belief.

New Statement: We combine the technology and the business and follow the process to keep from building useless things.

Why? Most of what you want is useless.

First Statement: We are your trusted partner to navigate the unknown and reach your potential.

How? Target your destination, isolate the variable, ID definition of done, clikmodel, your beginning & end.

New Statement: Having the awareness you need to navigate. Command View.

How? Verify assumptions while navigating constraints.

New Statement: We isolate the variables to de-risk the prospect - command view, transparent, open


Statement starters


MVP: Under-engineering

Behavior Trumps Belief: What actually matters? Whether you think they'll use it vs they actually use it.

"You have too much power. More power than you can handle. What you need is...? Command?" Like flying a space ship with too much momentum and not enough control.

You are not the expert... but we can give you command and control.

"Commanding agile"

Command the impossible

Become actually what you are potentially

Verify ClickModel allows you verify assumptions. Questions your assumption. A gentle grasp of the truth, not a desperate death grip to what you think is true.

Challenger-positioning: "You are not the expert, neither are we..." comes across as confrontational & contrarian, but we are actually inline with your motivation - less waste, better decisions, successful outcomes.

Are you willing to let go of what you believe to be true? What is your insistence to cling to that "truth" cost you?

It's better to be roughly correct than precisely wrong.

68% fail = not you. Potential to reality, agile & strategic, minimizing risk, a reality beyond what you imagine now.

We are seeking the corporate visionary... the visionary that values a contrarian. At all levels of the organization in all areas.

Tone: Contrarian, polarizing, ballsy, opinionated but not without experience.

The visionary that ask an influencer, connector, technology minded early adopter for guidance and validation.

Truth can only be found together. It cannot be known alone.