Over the course of two days, Cell Gate and Ascend Marketing collaborated in Luma Institute structured discovery sessions to uncover insights to address a variety of marketing topics for Cell Gate.

Using the navigation structure below, recaps and documentation of each workshop has been outlined. 




We addressed three different areas of marketing in 8 workshop modules:

  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Website

The goal and outcome of the workshops will to have consensus and clarity on the three topics moving forward.

Tuesday 12/3

Strategy oriented workshops

  • Problem Tree Analysis – A way of exploring the causes and effects of a particular issue.
  • Abstraction Laddering – A way of reconsidering a problem statement by broadening and narrowing it’s focus.
  • Affinity Clustering – A graphic technique for sorting items according to similarity.
  • What’s on your Radar – An exercise in which people plot items according to personal significance.

Wednesday 12/4

Tactics oriented workshops

  •  Stakeholder Mapping – A way of diagramming the network of people who have a stake in a given system.
  •  Creative Matrix – A format for sparking new ideas at the intersections of distinct categories.
  •  Importance / Difficulty Matrix – A quad chart for plotting items based on relative importance and difficulty.

Website oriented workshop

  • Schematic Diagramming – An outline of the structure and essential components of a system.



Ken, Cell Gate

  • Classic inside sales role
  • responsible for handling inbound calls - sales opportunity or dealer opportunities
  • 30+ years in sales / product development in eye ware.

Taylor Porter, Ascend

John Boyd, Cell Gate

  • Head of Operations


  • sales for Hog Traps
  • 20 years in telecom / relationship builder. 15 years in AT&T startups in telecom. strategic, needs based approach

Noel - varied background, 25 years in wireless, satellite, cellular paging.

Topper Pardoe, Ascend

Tina Schweiger, Ascend

Workshop image gallery

Problem tree analysis


This exercise allowed us to look at a variety of problems facing Cell Gate clients and assess causes and solutions. As we listed them out, we discovered that there was a link between Cell Gate and Wireless Traps. Both problems centered around the lack of control - access and what's caught. After a little brainstorming, we came up with a high level problem statement that applied to both business units: 

Know and control, in real-time, from anywhere at any time. 

That's the problem customers want to solve. They want to be confident that 

they are in control.

Abstraction laddering


This workshop allowed us to take the problem statement we defined above, and expand and narrow it's focus. 

We allow people to monitor & control, in real time, from any where, any time.

With wireless technology, combined with the innocent, my physical products and your own personal device.

Use your personal device to monitor and control cameras, gates, and traps through cell phone service.

It's turn key.

We turnkey the installation of cameras, gates, and traps that give you the ability to control with your device.

With the connection between our products and the server.

A secured two way communication between your device and cameras, gates, and traps let you monitor and control your property in real time.

People feel at risk.

We allow people to protect their property in real time from any where, any time.

Because their property and family are important to them.

We empower people to protect their family and property.

People are relieved when their property and family are protected

The big WHY: People are relieved when their property and family are protected

The big HOW: A secured two way communication between your device and cameras, gates, and traps let you monitor and control your property in real time.

Affinity clustering




  • Elevator speech
  • Catch phrase
  • Umbrella brand
  • Advertising branch identity


  • Farms and ranches
  • Oil company executives
  • Oil company security
  • Oil company field operations managers
  • Sheriffs
  • Security companies
  • Gate industries
  • Professional trappers
  • Rich and famous
  • Oil industry
  • Pastures
  • Dealers
  • Trappers
  • Land owners
  • Happy customers
  • Installations
  • Dealers

Trade Show

  • Trade show

  • Trade show

  • Trade shows & qualifying shows

Traditional Marketing

  • Easy to understand brochure

  • Brochures

  • Mobile presence
  • Commerce literacy


  • Product overview
  • Pictures
  • Testimonials
  • Photography of locations
  • Photography of products
  • Illustrations of packages
  • Customer videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Case studies



  • Imaginative articles
  • TV news stories
  • Media explanations
  • PR


  • Online store
  • Hog data
  • Dealer login on website
  • Dealer online order
  • Illustrations of how it works
  • Dealer prices on web site
  • Build tool
  • Dealer and installation locator
  • FAQ
  • Website introduction
  • About the people at Cell Gate
  • Web sales/web store
  • Support tools
  • Portal
  • Hog photos
  • Hog stories
  • Email newsletters
  • Cell-gate.com site
  • Wireless-traps.com site
  • Web searches
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media
  • Web demonstrations


Biz Process

Target Markets


What's on Your radar?


Of everything we must address, here's what's currently most important to us.

Fixing problems:

  • Simplicity, reliable, easy to use. 
  • Problem with poor installation right now. 


  • Carved out a new position for John so that’s why it’s important to us. 
  • Going to create a dealer certification program and some changes to the products. 

Product improvement

  • Product has been too complicated to install but easy to operate. 
  • (UI needs to be better)
  • sales people telling customers we can customize.
  • partly driven by customers but it’s always a problem. 
  • Need better packages for products so that people feel like they have choices. 

Technical Support

  • The whole technical support is a big piece of this for everybody. And sales service related issues. 
  • We get in trouble when we try to stretch cellular boundaries. 
  • You don’t know until you get it there; the reality is sometimes different. 
  • Can we provide a product or a device to dealers to test and confirm what’s going on with cell signals before we ship the product?
  • Change of the cellular network is a problem. 
  • use boosters, antennas, etc. when they move the trap they have to move the extenders. 
  • new product gives more visibility to state of connection
  • put a label inside the door that describes what types of blinks mean what. 

Customer acquisition is not there on priority. 

  • Sales guys have gotten frustrated at technical support challenges that we’ve had
  • How these things distract the sales person from selling because customers are calling them.
  • operational kinds of things not marketing / branding kind of things. 

How can we use customer marketing to alleviate the pain of support overload on the sales team?

  1. Troubleshooting section, customer communication plan. 
  2. upgrade campaign in february that will be revenue generating and problem avoidance. 
  3. Marketing strategy: increase, improve, streamline customer communications to alleviate stress on sales.
    1. Documentation changes, things change and we don’t tell them that things changed. 
  4. New high level messaging 

Stakeholder mapping

Text here

Ken and John - stakeholders

How was it different? Kay and Noel went deeper into sub categories per topic. A few things we didn’t get to - attorneys, 


Dichotomy - Gate installers - how do i install quickly and profitably 

and Gate installation sales. How do I sell this? 


We need them branding us and selling for us. Two relationships. 

1) quoting - we rely on that

2) They quote our products and sell them to their customers

Three things that have to happen to turn a prospect into a customer:

  1. Viable gate configuration
  2. Viable installation quote
  3. Quality installation

Dealer portal comes up - allows them to generate their own quote. 

Inside sales Cell Gate employee - we need to maximize the demand we have today.

In order to deliver:

  1. Do we have cell service?
  2. Do we have a timely installation quote? (needs to be tight)
  3. Assuming we ship in a timely manner


  • Land owners as prospects - what does it cost?
  • Land owners as customers - how is it working?
  • Corp as prospects - what does it cost? 
  • Corp as customer - how is it working?
  • Trap dealers - not as mature as dealers  - how soon can I get it and is it stable? 
  • Customer - is it reliable? is it effective?
  • Trap prospect - Is it cost effective?
  • Tech support - how do I keep up?
  • Assembly - how do I stay on task?

cellular providers - 

  • ATT
  • Verizon - bringing on early next year and that increases our footprint and brings a selling partnership potential that will funnel leads to them as well. 

Suppliers - Volume, how much biz will you give me and how often? 

Noel - product development - crucial - how do we redefine ourselves? AAk! what makes us unique?

Creative matrix

This allowed us to come up with ideas of how we can market to each different target audiences. 

Importance / Difficulty Matrix




Customer testimonial

Use instructions

Product cut sheets

How do you like your product? Check in call

Post installation next steps email

Admin start up zapp open

Live remote demo

UI intro

Dealer portal

Installation pricing

Targeted email

Easy to reach appropriate department procedures


Connect on LinkedIn

Communication about the components needed to be up and running

Troubleshooting quick guide sticker

Web troubleshooting

Blog articles that are specific to a business vertical

Blog articles that are specific to security

Facebook advertising


Training / Tech demos

Tradeshow collateral

Booth graphics

Promo videos

Pricing tools

Demo video

Installation kit


Dealer marketing kit

YouTube channel

Post cards for pre-shows

Build a kit

Shop online cameras

Stock show information

Powerpoint presentation

Ad templates

User forum


CTA: Share your trappings on our FB page

Story of success

How to trap with WT way

Tweet co’s

Dealer link

List of dealers


Brief lead list

Industry events dealer booth

Association mailer

Call campaign to set figure out who the decision maker is

Partner with security companies

Buy ads

Targeted ads

American actions magazine ad


For this segment, we thought it critical to address the cell-cam business, which is currently not represented online. 

We created a general wireframe for the cell-cam site.