CASE STUDY - Optimizing the Onboarding Process

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The cbanc Network is a free online network that allows financial industry professionals to share documents, vendor reviews and insights. While the company received positive feedback on customer service and product quality, user testing indicated that the sign up and onboarding process was confusing and the value was lost on new and moderate users. 

Only 30% of users starting the sign up and onboarding process were ultimately connected with the content they were searching for within the network.

cbanc tasked Yellowfin with developing an onboarding process that would retain users through the signup process and eliminate dropoff.




Yellowfin started the process by working with cbanc to define key audience segments based on frequency of engagement with the online community, more effective and targeted copy helped move users through the onboarding process. User testing provided insight into the key needs of each segment and defined the messages for each phase of the onboarding process. 



With the defined audience segments, Yellowfin developed a new onboarding workflow that ensured that each audience received the right information at the right time. Through a series of targeted landing pages and emails, users were guided through the right path to find the document they were searching for within the network. 

Upon implementation of the new onboarding process, cbanc saw its sign up completion rate jump to 91% within just a few weeks.