Our Church is a private social network to help connect small groups in churches. The native app just hit the app store a few weeks ago with a really fresh brand and interface design by Yellowfin. 

Lake Hills Church in Austin is the first pilot location for the app. Our Church is currently looking for churches who would like to provide their parishioners with a new way to communicate and connect with each other. 

Small groups are the heart of a church. Our app makes it easy for small groups to stay in touch beyond Sunday and the church walls.
— Bill Hyche, CEO

The design of the logo is a visual symbol of small groups making up the foundation of the church, with an uplifting color palette that adds a youthful fun and vibrancy. The user interface design of the app went through rounds of user testing to perfect every element of the church-goer's experience, and to make it work for a wide range of ages.