The latest rebranding effort by NewsCorp has caused quite a bit of chatter on what it represents visually for the company.  The past few years have seen the company take a lashing in the press on tactics involved with some of their investigative journalists and editors, as well as concern that the new owners would take the Wall Street Journal down the tabloid path.   

 The previous logo was a more austere version of the global reach of the media company.   The new logo which is uncredited may have been developed in-house.

Newscorp Logo.png

 From the moment of our inception on June 28th, we will be a business of incredible scale and success, an unrivaled global network of valuable, powerful and complementary brands.

These exceptional brands, coupled with you, our immensely talented teams around the world, the balance sheet that is our financial foundation and our well-known relentless, restless spirit of invention, pave the way for our bright future. We will reach more people than ever before through our digital platforms.

Today we are unveiling a new logo that will be our emblem for this future. The name is historic and the script is based on the writing of Rupert and his father, who have provided us all with not only a name, but a remarkable professional platform.

-Quoted from CEO Robert Johnson's PR Release

Most critics and commenters have been concentrating on how this visual representation is a cynical wash of their true selves.  I disagree, while the mark may not be the best representation of a brand looking forward to reaching an audience in the digital realm, it does represent what NewsCorp has become, less of a news company and more of a media company.   

The original mark said "We are a global News Company", the new one leaves space for both the Dow Jones and the New York Post to live in.  It frees up the overarching corporate brand constraints and allows for an easier family of sub-brands to exist in.

As a side-note I do think the structuring of all of their entertainment entities under the new 21th Century Fox structure was a smart idea and I like what they've done with the mark. Congratulations to Pentagram for another elegant logo.