In our business, we're constantly talking about, working with, planning for, and managing content. This can take the form of pictures, videos, feeds, headlines, text, links, and any other amounts of 'stuff' we need to fill our digital space (like this blog post:).

In fact, over the past 5-7 years, content itself has been driving the evolution of both design and the user experience online. Almost everything we do online is centered around consuming content. 

So I was truly inspired a few weeks ago when I went to Las Vegas to find that some truly brilliant architects at Arquitectonica seem to have mastered the art of content driven architecture. The entire design of their lobby is driven by the beautiful videos in a continuous loop literally creating the massive columns and covering the space behind the check in desk. 


This next image is actually a picture of the ceiling of the lobby.

photo (38).JPG

This shows how it all ties together with the check in desk.  

photo (38) copy.JPG