You’ll get the best results from your marketing by keeping these three things at the forefront of your efforts:

A) There is no one perfect method to reach your audience; your approach should include a ‘spiderweb’ of tactics that all funnel into creating a lead. See the above  infographic for an example mix of tactics.

B) Put yourself in their shoes from a sales perspective and message your marketing accordingly. Who is their target audience? What sales points really close the deal for them? Make sure that what you’re sending them supports their efforts in the way they sell, and they’ll be more likely to push your product over your competitors’.

C) Continually educate your retailers. They are busy with their own business challenges and successes. Keeping up to speed with your new developments and features is something they need prompting to do. A steady flow of small, digestible bites of educational content and updates is the best way to accomplish this.