Is marketing making your head spin a little these days? As the options we have available to us continue to grow – on a daily basis – marketing your business can get complicated, and quickly. For example, where do Apps fit in? Or do they? Are you doing enough Tweeting, or even saying the right things? Does it make sense to invest in print collateral or radio advertising?

I like to think about marketing in four simple buckets:

  • Asset Development – This includes the basic necessities your company needs to market like a logo, website, business cards, imagery, messaging, copywriting, and on and on.
  • Brand Awareness – This bucket includes everything you do to tell people about your company. Brand Awareness may not turn immediately into a sale, but it is critical for supporting the effort.
  • Lead Generation – This describes things that your company does that can be tracked from an action to a sale.
  • Tracking & Operations – This bucket includes everything you do to keep track of your marketing; what’s working, what’s not, and also, how the information and associated actions move through your organization.

Assigning simple categories to your marketing efforts can help you organize your initiatives. Once you know the purpose of an initiative, you can define specific goals and build in methods for tracking and assessing the effectiveness of it. Stay tuned for upcoming posts where we’ll look at specific examples for each bucket.