We don't just focus on talent, we focus on multi-talent.

The best reason to work with a boutique agency is working with experienced, talented folks who love what they do. At Yellowfin, we embody that. In fact, all of our team members have both a talent and a management role at the company. That eliminates the need for a management layer and keeps us focused on what we really care about; discovering meaning and innovating ways to express it through digital media.

Tina Schweiger
Design & Innovation Director / President 


Tina leads the design and innovation practice at Yellowfin. With a friendly, fun approach, she guides client stakeholders through Human Centered Design workshops developed by The Luma Institute. Tina is also a professional fine artist, and brings that perspective and talent to client work. Beyond her role as President and Founder, Tina also builds upon the discovery process with user experience design, and has a special skill for maximizing the restrictively small spaces of mobile interfaces. 

Tina founded Yellowfin in 2002. She re-branded the agency to Spoonbend in 2005, around the time she followed an opportunity to launch a yoga clothing line called Erebelle. Ultimately unsuccessful, the experience of launching a brand gave her a deep understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face and she leverages that knowledge in every client project and venture. In 2009 she co-launched the agency 97 Degrees West, followed by a successful exit a year later. In 2011, Tina relaunched the original Yellowfin brand. Yellowfin's current client list includes publicly traded Acorda Therapeutics and privately held businesses like CleanFUEL USA and The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, among others.

Tina grew up a competitive swimmer in Spring, Texas, raised by a physics teacher and chemist. She graduated cum laude from The University of Texas at Austin and now lives in funky South Austin with her husband, Richard Bagdonas, their son Alec and two big dogs, Jasper and Tucker. 

You can find out more about Tina's fine art at Tinaschweiger.com and learn about her latest project at Chromapendulum.com. See more professional background at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaschweiger


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Jamey Burgett


Art Director / Account Supervisor


Jamey is our king of cultural context, and our secret for creating culturally relevant work. Jamey has been working in account services and strategy for the past ten years.  Much of his time was split between NY and Los Angeles where he was the lead account person for many brand launches as well as numerous entertainment campaigns.  Jamey worked extensively in consumer product marketing, licensing and traditional advertising for several years before moving on to digital strategy and development. His past clients have included DirecTV, Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, American Express, Target and Wal-Mart.


We heart Yellowfin! The website process has been extremely painless.
— Debbie Byers, Chief Operating Officer, FG SQUARED

What we do

At the heart of your brand is one big idea – a nutshell containing the answer to the question, “What is the purpose of our business?”

Brand strategy

If you don’t have a meaningful, authentic answer to this question, you may find your marketing efforts screaming “Notice me!” but ultimately being forgettable. When you do find the answer to that all-important question and incorporate it into your marketing efforts, you are suddenly able to deeply engage your audience rather than just talk “at” them. When your ideal audience connects with your meaning and jives with your personality, they are moved to share your message with others. That is the effect we want your brand to have. Much like the human mind, your brand can grow, adapt, and evolve into this role. We have the real-world tools to get you started and guide you through the process.

Logo and corporate identity design


There is a secret to creating the perfect visual expression for your company, and we know what it is. It’s diving beyond endless rounds of “likes” and “dislikes” to reveal the actual aesthetic factors that connect your brand with its audience and directly impact the visual identity of your business.

Like most creative companies, we study your industry landscape, your audience, and the distinctive features of your product or service. Unlike most creative companies, we use a proprietary process called the “Aesthetic Profile,” in which we conduct a visual test with all owners and stakeholders. This allows us to analyze and understand your true aesthetic preferences that will shape your company’s ideal identity.

Try it! Aside from its effectiveness during brand identity creation, it’s Seriously Fun.

Digital design

Creating your new website requires everyone – each department, product, or service within your business has a stake in your online presence. What we love about this adventure is the process of navigating your company’s features, benefits, and differentiators. We elegantly weave in your brand message so that the intended audience will connect with your business and be driven to engage your services or sample your product.

We can create:

  • a simple portfolio site
  • a compelling and user-friendly e-commerce platform
  • a current and sleek Web application
  • a high-functioning database-driven website
  • sought-after mobile versions of your site
  • the sophisticated and simple visual interface for your new mobile app.

The design of physical things

We extend your brand into the physical world. From something as simple as a business card, to more complex endeavors like retail packaging or signage and wayfinding systems. Our team has over 20 years of experience in implementing the most challenging of print and three dimensional design projects. 





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